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We feel your pain

“44, probably started mild gout around 6 years ago but just ignored it. This last 6 months has been terrible. Just about constant gout. Big toes, top of feet and ankles.

I drink over 80 oz of water daily and limit if not avoid purine rich food. I just started 200 mg of Allopurinol 2 days ago and had an outbreak the next day. I don’t know how to fix myself and want to chop my feet off (sometimes).”


Gout Warrior

App features

gout attack

Track your gout attacks and monitor your uric acid level

  • Track when and where attacks happen, and how painful they feel.

  • Show your doctor exactly what’s happening so they can help you battle against your beast.

  • Log your uric acid test results.

  • See how your levels change over time.

  • Spot patterns between your uric acid levels and lifestyle.

medication and water logging

Don't miss your meds and stay hydrated

  • Set yourself reminders to take gout medication.

  • Keep track of your meds and set yourself reminders to re-order.

  • Monitor your daily water intake.
  • Set yourself a water intake goal and regular reminders to drink.

  • Spot patterns between your medication, water intake and gout attacks.

Measure and track your BMI and stress levels

  • Log your height and weight to get your BMI.

  • Regularly measure and manage your BMI levels.

  • Note when you’re feeling stressed. 

  • Log your stress levels and thoughts on what’s making you stressed.

  • Spot patterns between your BMI, stress levels and gout attacks.
food logging

Monitor what you're eating and drinking

  • Quickly log everything you eat and drink in a visual diet diary.

  • See what you ate and drank in the run up to a gout attack.

  • Spot patterns between your diet, BMI, and gout attacks.

  • Filter your diet diary by any date range you want to see.

  • Identify potential gout attack trigger foods and drinks.

See your gout health and lifestyle data

  • Collect gout attack, health risk factor, and lifestyle data in a single location.

  • Spot trends in your health and lifestyle through measurable insights.

  • Make informed decisions and changes to get your Gout Beast under control

  • See how you’re doing at a glance.

  • Show your Doctor an accurate report of your Gout health and lifestyle.

Unite with fellow gout warriors

  • Meet others Gout Warriors who are battling with gout.

  • Learn their ways of managing the beast.

  • Support one another in our mission to rid the world of it once and for all!

Gout Scout user feedback

“I love the new features on the app. I’m drinking so much more now when reminders pop up. It’s great to have the times of medication and what you have taken as I Iike to spread them all out through the day instead of all in one go.”
Gout Warrior
"The app is very straight forward and enjoyable to use! I’m just wrapping up only my 2nd attack in 12 years, but never want to go through this again.”
Gout Warrior



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