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Track it’s attacks

  • Track when and where you get attacked, and how much pain you feel.

  • Show doctors exactly what’s happening so they can help you battle against your beast.

  • Spot patterns between your gout attacks and lifestyle.

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Stay hydrated

  • Monitor your daily water intake.

  • Set yourself a water intake goal and regular reminders to drink.

  • Spot patterns between your water intake and gout attacks.

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Don’t miss your meds

  • Set yourself reminders to take your gout medication.

  • Keep track of your meds and get reminders on when to re-order.

  • Spot patterns between medication, uric acid levels, and gout attacks.

Monitor your uric acid

  • Log your uric acid test results.

  • See how your levels change over time.

  • Spot patterns between your uric acid levels and lifestyle.

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Check your stress levels

  • Note when you’re feeling stressed. 

  • Log your stress levels and thoughts on what’s making you stressed.

  • Spot patterns between your stress levels, uric acid levels and gout attacks.

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Measure and track your BMI

  • Log your height and weight to get your BMI.

  • Regularly measure and manage your BMI levels.

  • Spot patterns between your BMI, uric acid levels and gout attacks.

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Unite with fellow gout warriors

  • Meet others who are battling with gout.

  • Learn their ways of managing the beast.

  • Support one another in our mission to rid the world of it once and for all!


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